Our Administratives are the heart of our business operations and the soul that keeps our teams moving. Anticipating the needs of managers and team members, our admins resolve operational and administrative issues before they arise. A very focused team who provide administrative support, provide solutions, enhancements, upgrades, problem solving and trouble shooting.

Sales Support & Marketing

Our team work with you to get it right first time for our customers. We are passionate about service and dedicated to making life easy for our customers, keeping them appropriately informed, communicating clearly and professionally.

Customer Service

Our staffs are expert at what they do and they work tirelessly to do it better than anyone else. We put customers at the center of everything and we never compromise when it comes to honesty and integrity. We are continuously raise the performance bar to achieve better customer service with exceptional quality and value.

Event Coordinator

Our sales venue hunters, who constantly locates the best strategic venues for our sales team and marketing team. This energetic and motivated team plays a small role in the growth of the young entrepreneurs.

Advertising & Promotions

We take great pride in the quality and creativity of their work. Pledged to our colleagues and community is to passionately create the finest possible marketing tools, design solutions.

Product & Distribution

With our own warehouse space, we can see why the logistic team including the warehouse unit plays a crucial part of our operations. We have a well trained team dedicated to manage the inventory stored at the warehouse to ensure the products are always in good orders.